Is Facebook Live the new must-see TV?

That’s the question on every media companies’ mind right now.

Publishers, brands and personalities have already used live video on Facebook to connect quickly with their fans at scale.

But it’s been a rather elementary version of live video.

Point. Post. Shoot.

Facebook Live achieved wide adoption because of the easy of use and the scale of it’s audience. You only need a smartphone and minimal personnel to go live. It’s as simple as a status update.

While Facebook Live video has leap-frogged over other live video competition who came earlier to the space — Twitter owned Periscope and Meerkat — it has to this point, mimicked the capabilities of those other platforms.

This is about to change.

At the recent F8 Developers Conference, Facebook announced some serious upgrades to the Facebook Live platform. Facebook will be opening up it’s Facebook Live API to developers. This means that highly produced content — think multiple cameras, media feeds and higher quality video — is about to become the standard.

Facebook Live is poised to become another major distribution television-like channel, similar to a cable network or a broadcast channel.

Facebook will be rolling out a tab that will be dedicate to viewing and discovering live video feeds.

This will be separate from your Newsfeed. There will also be a geographic map so you can discover live videos broadcasting from around the world. (Expect New York City to be a giant, indecipherable blob.)

Would you enjoy your favorite Morning News show more if it was live on Facebook?

Facebook will be giving users the ability to use the new ‘reactions’ to engage with live video. These reactions will appear live on the screen of the broadcast. (If you’ve played on the Periscope platform, think flying hearts.) So broadcasters, instead of being safe and secure behind their teleprompters, will now be able to ‘hear’ the roar of the crowd or the distain of the populace!

Facebook Live is a key part of Facebook’s video strategy.

It puts Facebook in the middle of an intimate, immediate and immersive experience for the viewer. It gives the brand or the publisher a new way to engage and connect with their audience.

So, will Facebook Live become the next must-see TV?

Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but expect more and more publishers and brands to go live on Facebook with what they think is ‘must-see’ content.

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