Facebook’s Latest Algorithm Change: What You Need To Do Differently Now

Facebook just changed the rules.


Facebook announced another change to their algorithm this past month.

You’re asking yourself, ‘What do I have to do differently this time?” Does this mean a change in strategy? Will I see a drop in referral traffic?

No. And here’s why.

The Facebook algorithm defines what is seen and not seen on your newsfeed. Previously, Facebook used quantitative engagement with posts to determine if a post should get greater reach and visibility.

If a post had clicks, likes, comments and/or shares, more people saw that post.

Pretty simple but also flawed.

Think about all the posts you’ve enjoyed seeing as you swipe on down your newsfeed. You don’t always take an action on posts you want to see in your newsfeed.

This recent change to the algorithm adds qualitative data to the algorithm. Through something called a “Feed Quality Panel”, Facebook asked thousands of users all around the world about the type of content they want to see in their newsfeeds.

“From this research using a representative sample of people, we are able to better understand which stories people would be interested in seeing near the top of their News Feed even if they choose not to click, like or comment on them — and use this information to make ranking changes.”

From this research, Facebook determined that users are happiest when the content in their newsfeeds is both interesting on a qualitative and quantitative level. Facebook changed their ranking of newsfeed posts to reflect this.

What do I have to do differently now?

The good news is that if you are posting quality content that connects with your audience, you need to change nothing.

That’s right. No change necessary.

The algorithm change is another blow to click-bait posts. Click-bait is when a page posts a headline that requires the user to click to fully-understand what the story is about.

Facebook cracked down on these types of posts in the past. This is a more nuanced step in the same direction.

Quality content matters more than ever.

If you post quality content that your audience is interested in already, you should be excited about the change.

Now when your competition is posting yet another promo message about their 20% off deal — just like the last 3 posts — even less people will see their content.

Facebook does say that posts focused solely on engagement metrics – getting likes, comments or shares — but that does not fit with what your audience wants to see might see a drop in reach.

So definitely DON’T post a two-up photo of your products and ask your audience to vote for their favorites with ‘likes’ for the left and ‘share’ for the right.

DO continue to inform, entertain and inspire your audience to earn their attention.

Key Takeaways

  • Facebook’s algorithm change creates a balance between quantitative and qualitative indicators of engagement to prioritize your newsfeed.
  • Brands that understand their audience and create social content valued by that audience will see little to no change in their reach and referral traffic.
  • Brands that prioritize engagement over quality content might see a reduction in their reach and referrals.

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