Facebook is the dominant force on mobile

Facebook is the dominant force on mobile because of its gross reach and its effective advertising formats.

91% of Facebook users access the social network on mobile devices. Translate that to gross monthly active users, that is 1.5 billion people.

Mobile-only users are approaching 900 million or 54% of Facebook’s total monthly active users. This is an increase from 40% just one year ago.

Facebook is also creating a mobile advertising eco-system that provides a clear return on investment for social media marketers. Mobile ad revenue is at close to $4.3 billion and accounts for 82% of total ad revenue. In first quarter 2015, mobile accounted for 72% of total ad revenue.

Facebook is dominating other mobile platforms in ad business. Google’s ad business grew a mere 16% and Twitter’s grew 36% in the same time period that Facebook’s grew 57%.

The increase in revenue follows a sharp increase in demand for Facebook’s mobile News feed.

Although mobile is the majority of Facebook’s ad revenue, there is still room to grow. There is still a gap between the share of mobile users and the share of ad revenue allocated to mobile.

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